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With over 45 years of experience in the Defense sector, Rigel Group represents the most effective synthesis between experience and technology. Specialized in the research, development, selection and supply of products, systems and equipment with a high technological content, addressed to the armed forces, police and public safety entities, Rigel Group considers itself a careful reality in the evaluation of the operational evolution of the various reference areas for guaranteeing an increasingly updated and effective offer.

The Group's strength lies in its team made by professionals who have strongly developed and consolidated their experience in applications and operations as well as sales.

Rigel’s primary goal is to contribute to the efficiency of the security of "defense professionals" in line with the evolution of new technologies and new operational scenarios.

Rigel faces daily needs that lead to develop specific projects in touch with multiple operational areas. For the team it means to consider all the technical and practical aspects that make the real difference between a product and the real solution.

The reference fields range from electronic warfare, unmanned platforms (UAV, UGV, AUV and USV) to solutions for the military naval sector, from space to forensic science, from tactical communication systems to Ground Support Equipment, including ground aircraft testing.


Rigel deals with design, experimentation, validation and supply of solutions related to the Electronic Warfare sector carrying out activities of collaboration, representation and coordination. Thanks to the its deep experience, Rigel is able to support the definition and development of solutions and equipment designed able to fill those capacitive gaps identified by new operative needs and more stringent requirements of Institutional Clients.
The main areas of activity are:

In collaboration with leading partners in simulation / stimulation IR / RF, Rigel is able to provide high fidelity technological innovations that significantly increase the accuracy verification of mission systems with less reliance upon costly and time-consuming aircraft testing.

The proposed systems are able to faithfully reproduce complex scenarios to deliver the same reach, high-fidelity environment enjoyed in systems integration laboratories and on flight lines ensuring adequate verification and training. The modular design of our solutions allows easy configuration of multi-spectral systems for training and test to support advanced "sensor fusion".

Rigel offers a set of flight line easy to use electronic multifunctional test equipment. When human lives are at stake, it is essential to be able to carry out quick, simple but reliable and effective "Confidence Tests" to ensure that all systems are operating at their peak performance.


Rigel has been working for many years in the field of experimentation, validation and promotion of remote piloted systems (UAV / UGV / AUV / USV) collaborating and representing leading foreign companies in the specific sector and turning its activity towards the Italian Ministry of Defense and the Italian Armed Forces . In addition to develop and promote solutions operating in all potential areas of application (earth, air, water and under water) and missions (ISTAR, EOD, C-IED, CBRN, COMMS RELAY), Rigel is also active in the promotion of Anti-Drone solutions ranging from static / perimeter systems to portable RF actuators.

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RIGEL S.r.l.
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Via Terenzio 35, 00193 Rome (Italy)

Tel +39 06 688999.1  |  Fax +39 06 688999.23  |  Email: rigel.hitech@rig.it

Via Terenzio 35, 00193 Rome (Italy)

Tel +39 06 688999.1
Fax +39 06 688999.23
Email: rigel.hitech@rig.it

Vat: 01004801005 – C.f.: 0153012058 – Pec: rigelhitech@pec.it
TRIB. ROMA N.1736/74 – C.C.I.A.A ROMA N. 398644
Registered with code 01530120581 on Reg. delle Imprese di ROMA
Cap. Soc.: Euro 26.000

P.Iva: 01004801005
C.f.: 0153012058
Pec: rigelhitech@pec.it
TRIB. ROMA N.1736/74
C.C.I.A.A ROMA N. 398644
Iscritta al numero 01530120581
Reg. delle Imprese di ROMA
Cap. Soc.: Euro 26.000

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