Rigel Group’s industrial division focuses its activity towards the highly complex and competitive Energy market but mainly in the Oil & Gas sector, renowned to be constantly and strongly influenced by external market factors.
Through a qualified team of engineers with deep know-how in the specific field Rigel Group does provide its principles and customers with a highly specialized technical, commercial, bureaucratic and administrative service which help to expedite the management processes of all involved parties.

Leading interlocutor of the sector Rigel Group makes use of strong and durable exclusive partnerships with foreign companies, all leaders in the reference sectors, which have identified in the group a reliable and efficient partner capable of actively supporting them in achieving important results through a constant promotion and a 360° support towards themselves and their customers.
Today Rigel Group does manage a range of high technical products but constantly seek for new partnerships to integrate the existing range with innovative products which can respond to the constantly evolving industrial market and requirements. The industrial team actively attends all major international events of the sector, considered fundamental enrichment occasions to tighten parterships, meet customers and get updated on all innovations and new technologies.


Historical partner is Kingsbury, American world-leading company in the manufacturing of hydro-dynamic bearings
Kingsbury was the first company to ever install an axial hydro-dynamic bearing in an hydro-electric turbine of an high-power plant, revolutionizing the sector and introducing a new technology in the market.
Today’s leading interlocutor for all major Turbomachine’s constructors Kingsbury bearings find application in:

• hydroelectric turbines
• compressors
• gas turbines
• steam turbines
• mechanical gear boxes
• pumps.

Additional applications of Kingsbury bearing is in the up-stream industry (drilling machines), mid-stream and down-stream (e.g in oil refineries ), as well as in power generation plants.
Main customers in Italy are:
Nuovo Pignone (today General Electric - Baker Huges), Ansaldo Energia, Franco Tosi, Presezzi, Alstom, historical companies always interested and focused on new technologies and innovations.

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In addition Rigel Group has a decennial relationship with Chromalox, world-leading company in the manufacturing and supply of resistors and electric process heaters (for oil, water and gas). Electrical resistors represent the most technologically advanced choice in the industrial electrical heating field especially in EX areas due to the very high temperature and pressure levels and requirements.

Main interlocutors and customers are engineering companies and main contractors EPC including leading companies as:
Tecnimont, Technip, Saipem, Tozzi Group, Rosetti Marino etc.

The major applications for Chromalox products are:

• Petrochemical refineries
• Pharmaceutical plants
• Power generation plants
• Marine and Naval systems
• Oil & Gas Exploration Industry (offshore & Onshore)

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Via Terenzio 35, 00193 Rome (Italy)

Tel +39 06 688999.1
Fax +39 06 688999.23
Email: rigel.hitech@rig.it

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P.Iva: 01004801005
C.f.: 0153012058
Pec: rigelhitech@pec.it
TRIB. ROMA N.1736/74
C.C.I.A.A ROMA N. 398644
Iscritta al numero 01530120581
Reg. delle Imprese di ROMA
Cap. Soc.: Euro 26.000

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