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Systems & Solutions for the rolling stocks

About 30 years ago Rigel founded a niche division dedicated to the railway industry in which it still actively operates as primary interlocutor by providing consultancy services and supplying systems and components specifically designed for rolling stocks.

Rigel Group’s activity is made possible thanks to the strong and durable exclusive partnership with foreign companies which identified in Rigel a reliable and efficient partner capable of supporting them efficiently in managing the Italian market and achieving successful results only through a persistent technical and commercial action and offering a 360° support to partners and customers.

A highly qualified team with professional experience in the railway industry makes Rigel the ideal interlocutor to offer to partners and customers a highly specialized technical, commercial, bureaucratic and administrative support which helps improving the management process for both parts.

Currently Rigel manages international companies and propose hi-tech products beside being constantly seeking for new partnerships to integrate the existing products range with innovative solutions which can respond to the constantly evolving railways market and specific requirements.

Rigel’s staff actively participates to the main international exhibitions of the railway industry, considering them valuable opportunities to tighten the relationships with its partners and to meet customers and be constantly updated on all sector’s innovations and new technologies.

The key products handled by Rigel in this sector are the front safety glasses, a highly critical component which has to comply with very restrictive and challenging requirements and regulations required to ensure the highest level of safety for the trains operators.

The front glasses are always the result of a joint design between train manufacturer and glass maker and in that context Rigel is capable to propose the most suitable technical solutions for every specific requirement according to the specificity of each front cab in terms of geometry, design, materials, frame etc..

In most cases Rigel supplies laminated heated glasses able to guarantee maximum safety and visibility in all weather conditions. The glass composition is generally homologated to suit the specific requirements of the international regulations.

Another product managed by Rigel is a fixed or portable weighing system for rolling stocks which through the installation of removable load cells directly on tracks is capable of weighing coaches, trolleys, axles and wheels and through an automatic detection and data processing system detects possible displacement or wrong weight distribution, often recognized as main causes of train derailment or as operating issues that can drastically reduce the operational efficiency of a train.

The system is designed and manufactured by Weighwellenglish company world-leader in its own sector able to supply totally customized systems designed to carry out static or dynamic weighing on one or up to many axles simultaneously.
During the years Rigel has supplied many systems to the main customers including train manufacturers, operators and infrastructure owners. Those systems represent an essential asset to guarantee the proper safety of trains and infrastructures as well as a crucial tool in support of the train’s design departments.
Other partner of Rigel is B-Hepworth, english company with which Rigel does collaborate also in the naval sector and world-leader in the design and supply of window-wiper systems which in the railways get directly installed onto the windshield to assure maximum visibility in all operating and meteo conditions.

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Via Terenzio 35, 00193 Rome (Italy)

Tel +39 06 688999.1
Fax +39 06 688999.23
Email: rigel.hitech@rig.it

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P.Iva: 01004801005
C.f.: 0153012058
Pec: rigelhitech@pec.it
TRIB. ROMA N.1736/74
C.C.I.A.A ROMA N. 398644
Iscritta al numero 01530120581
Reg. delle Imprese di ROMA
Cap. Soc.: Euro 26.000

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